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If you’re in business today, it’s essential that your digital space represents your brand for your cross-platform discoverability and memorability.

Compromising on an exact match domain can lead to dilution of brand authority and confusion among your audience and industry community. 


Forward-thinking companies are increasingly using descriptor keyword gTLDs that match a company function such as .agency, .clothing, or .travel as their digital destination as well as serving as their logo and brand identifier. 


We’re taking a look at a few examples of companies that have embraced the virtues of exact match domains and are using them to elevate their brand and marketing.



DCX.Technology has gone all-in on using their exact match domain name in branding and marketing. As a US-based multinational IT company, their branding should reflect its industry position as well as reinforcing established top of mind brand awareness. 


DXC Technology went all the way, including its domain name as part of the logotype. 








W.Media is a global technology marketing agency specializing in PR, media, and events. They chose their exact match domain name to elevate their branding and position themselves clearly in the market.




Lett.Clothing chose the relevant .clothing extension for its clothing brand. At first glance, a prospective customer understands what Lett sells. The short, shareable domain name is perfect for brand awareness and growing brand affinity. 


Home.Loans nailed this domain acquisition. Not only is Home.Loans the company name, the high search volume keywords make a powerful tool in getting more prospects into their funnel, organically. The words read left to right forming a natural phrase, and capture the company valuable organic search traffic which their competitors contend for. 


Home.Loans domain was purchased in 2018 for $500,000, making it one of the highest publicly reported gTLD sales to date. As stated by Blake Janover, Home.Loans CEO: 


“The site URL is the brand, which will help us drive awareness rapidly and cost-effectively. It creates an absolutely clear vision for the entirety of the site. We won’t be selling credit cards or car loans”.


Finding.Wine – if you’re looking to find rare and top brand wine and champagne online, wants to help. Using a gTLD in combination with a verb to create an exact match domain for their business, has secured a short and memorable URL that’s also used as their logo and brand identifier.
It’s also likely they’ve tapped into organic traffic for searching intent around wine as google increasingly improves the searching experience and ability to present valuable results on the SERP.



Fin.Travel chose a gTLD that not only completes their exact brand name, but reflects their geographical location on the border of Finland. They’ve also worked their domain name very cleverly into their company logo — making the brand and domain equally memorable and searchable. 


If you’re looking to increase brand awareness for your business with an exact match or keyword rich domain, check out our searchable database of available gTLDs at Premium.Domains and connect with our domain consultancy team. 

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