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One of the most popular gTLDs in the healthcare and services industry is the .care domain extension. We recently came across a fantastic example of this being used by Amazon as part of their Amazon.Care program.


Amazon is using this site to pilot its new virtual healthcare benefit for Amazon employees and their families who live in the Seattle area.


As a company known for innovation and early adoption of growing trends, Amazon understands the value of exact match domains to highlight and build awareness around the multiple products and services within its business. 


The .care domain name looks neat and clean, matching the website that Amazon has developed to showcase the healthcare program. It’s a memorable and shareable domain, which is an important factor in establishing a new place online to direct employees involved in the program.



Amazon uses a variety of domain extensions across different areas of their business — such as the Donuts gTLD Amazon.Careers which, together with Amazon.Jobs, showcases the current employment and internship opportunities available within the company.


Many of the gTLDs that Amazon uses act as memorable URLs that then redirect back to their main marketplace or other arms of their core website:


Amazon.Work – leads to the gateway for Amazon’s employee portal, while links to their training and certification website.



Prime.Video and Amazon.Video both redirect to Amazon’s Prime Video homepage.



Amazon.Company – redirects to company’s “Who We Are” page (



Amazon.Charity – redirects to the AmazonSmile landing page, highlighting the company’s support of charitable causes.



Amazon.Gifts – showcases the most popular gift ideas within their marketplace.



Amazon.Deals and Amazon.Discount – both easy and memorable URLs that direct customers to the latest deals for holidays and savings in the marketplace.



Amazon.Market – another redirect that goes straight to the main page of the marketplace.



Amazon.Style – as its name suggests, this redirects to a fashion page with the latest in gift and style ideas.



Amazon.Studio and Amazon.Productions – these both redirect to a page where customers can learn more about the movies and tv shows available through Amazon Studios and Prime Video.



Amazon.Services – this links to a guide for anyone thinking about becoming a seller on the platform.



Amazon.Legal – this redirects to a lengthy URL string for people interested in joining Amazon’s legal team.



Amazon.Lighting – Need to get straight to the source of lighting and ceiling fans in the store? This link takes you there with ease.



Amazon.Bike and Amazon.Toys – as the names suggest, these links take you straight to the relevant pages for all things cycling and toy related.




Amazon.Reviews – one of the hidden gems on the Amazon site is this link that redirects to some of the funniest reviews on the Amazon site. It’s worth a read!

While all of these redirected gTLDs aren’t in plain sight like the Amazon.Care domain, it highlights just how much Amazon embraces relevant domain extensions as part of their marketing and branding strategy.



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