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About CoolHaus


Cool.Haus is a premium ice cream brand that is founded and led by women. Since their humble beginnings with a single ice cream truck in 2009, CoolHaus has become a mainstream megastar, with features in Forbes, L.A. Times, and They have also gained accolades from the likes of Time, Good Morning America, and Every Day With Rachael Ray. 


There’s no doubt that Cool.Haus are branding pros. Known as much for their colorful, creative marketing as their innovative ice creams, they set a brilliant example for companies that are choosing to grow their business with gTLDs that exactly match their brand names.



Co-founder Natasha Case says the name Coolhaus is a triple-entendre


“Named after Rem Koolhaas, my personal favorite architect. Then obviously “cool” is nice and fun but also signifies something cold and house is spelled “haus” so it’s a play on Bauhaus, an architecture movement in the 1920s. The sandwiches are also like little modern houses, as well.”


Part of Coolhaus’ forward thinking includes an edible ice cream wrapper that can be branded with edible inks. With a masters in architecture, Case says she’s always looking at “how to push the envelope” and solve problems, and this is evident in their choice of a perfectly keyworded gTLD.


A smart move to a new gTLD


Since we’re fans of companies that use exact-match brand and domain names, we dug deeper into Coolhaus’ history to find out more. As of 2017, the company was still using the domain, which now redirects to their new gTLD. The modifier of “eat” added to the start of a brand’s domain name is something we’re seeing more of in the startup and DTC spaces. 



With relevant legacy extensions being in short supply and exorbitant prices being demanded by resellers, the “eat” prefix is a simple workaround for companies in the food and drink space. 


From a marketing point-of-view though, adding “eat”, “get”, “buy” or any other modifiers to your URL dilutes your brand and corrupts the integrity of your domain name keywords. This can negatively affect your ability to be found by searchers and rank online — not only for keywords but for your own brand name.


As a growing brand with a flair for marketing, Coolhaus identified a better solution to help elevate their brand online, and adopted the .Haus gTLD extension. Haus is German for “house”. You might also be familiar with the Drink.Haus brand which uses the same extension. 


While this gTLD doesn’t make a lot of literal sense for either brand, they are both leveraging the advantages of having their domain names double as their brand name.



The benefits of using a gTLD for brand growth


In an increasingly crowded retail landscape, brands need to think about how they can adapt to modern consumer demands and capture enough market share to thrive.

Having a digital footprint is essential for brand awareness and visibility, which is why a growing number of companies are choosing to differentiate themselves from a creative branding perspective with keyworded gTLDs that are relevant to their brand name.



gTLDs also offer the advantage of making a company more searchable online, together with improving search rankings and reducing paid ad spend. From an SEO perspective, having an exact-match gTLD like Cool.Haus helps brands stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping up with modern digital identity trends.



Coolhaus is a brand innovator that is paving the way for how companies will market themselves online in the future. They can now be found in 7,500+ grocery stores ranging from Safeway to Whole Foods. 


You can buy their book on Amazon to learn more about the brand. If you’re a fan of innovative marketing (and indulging in artisanal ice cream), make sure you visit one of Coolhaus storefronts, or give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram.


To talk to one of our consultants about investing in your brand’s success with a gTLD, contact us at Premium.Domains.

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