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According to a 2020 prediction, healthcare investors believe that a growing number of primary care physicians (PCPs) will discover that they can create a strong business and brand independently of the healthcare system.

With higher reimbursements from patients, offers of start-up capital, and subsidized technology and office spaces, the incentive to break free from hospitals is growing. 


How PCPs can use gTLDs to help their business succeed

There are obvious benefits for PCPs leaving the healthcare system—increasing their income, and having more lifestyle flexibility, which leads to more overall happiness. However, like any other business, they’ll need to find ways to grow the business and increase awareness in their market in order to find success. And, like any other business, having a digital footprint will be essential.

When we need healthcare, the starting point for many of us is Google, where we search on our symptoms or look for a relevant provider nearby. PCPs who choose keyworded gTLDs over legacy domain options not only improve their brand awareness, but increase their chance at being found in the search results, which gives them a clear SEO advantage over their competition.


Healthcare keyword domain opportunities

What are some examples of keyworded gTLDs that could help an independent PCP stand out? At the date of publishing, these domains were still available in our inventory. The domains read naturally from left to right and contain keywords with high search probabilities, so they have built-in SEO benefits.


Healthcare AI domain opportunities

From drug development to clinical research, AI is beginning to improve patient outcomes at a fraction of the price of traditional processes. It’s predicted that AI will create annual savings of $150 billion in the US by 2026 across the healthcare industry.

PCPs who work with AI should consider keyworded AI-related domains such as AI.Doctor and AI.Clinic as this technology picks up pace.



Geographical domain inventory list

There are healthcare providers in nearly all of the 19,500 incorporated cities, towns, and villages across the U.S. (not to mention the millions of cities, states, and communities around the world). In every location, providers are eager to grow their patient base and broaden awareness of their services.

Keyword domains featuring a geographic component can help capture high intent search traffic, when patients are looking for a provider in their area. Plus, they can help position a business as an authority in their industry when they’re an exact match for the search term.

Below is a selection of available healthcare domains featuring U.S. city locations. 

With more PCPs choosing independent practices, gTLDs are an important part of building a brand, being easy to find, and standing out online.

Contact our consultants at Premium.Domains to learn more about securing a healthcare domain.

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