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We all know that Google is one of the largest global technology companies, with myriad business units — from search to autonomous vehicles. Something you may not know is that Google is heavily invested in the new top-level domain (TLD) space.


Having recently relaunched their registrar business, Google Domains, Google has established its focus on providing top-level domains for innovative, forward-thinking companies in many industries including the marketing and communications category.


With a total site redesign, a dedicated landing page, and a traffic-driving media campaign, Google is placing new emphasis on top-level domains that clearly communicate what a company is all about. 


Google’s own .dev, .app, and .new domain extensions allow companies to differentiate their products in the highly competitive online space. They are also promoting new TLDs such as .marketing, .agency, and .digital to give increased visibility to companies and individuals who seek to stand out as innovative marketers.


Differentiate yourself in the market

TLDs are growing in popularity because they allow businesses to build their brand in a premium domain environment. Unlike the standard “legacy” domains, TLDs offer a wide variety of opportunities to create URLs that act as brand identifiers. 


A top-level domain name gives you instant online branding. Using words that name your product, service, location, and industry can save you time and money by giving you a head start with your marketing. 


Google shone a spotlight on its commitment to TLDs by purchasing the .app domain for $25 million in 2018. Since then, .app domains have been snapped up by companies building software for Google Play, the Apple store, and other software endeavors.


Leading brands and startups like Stripe, Salesforce, and Slack were early adopters of the .dev domain. They realized the potential of premium domains as a means to strengthen their brand, showcase their services, and grow their business. Other companies are quickly following in their footsteps, and Google itself is using the .dev premium domain for its own projects.


Google’s site redesign has positioned TLDs as an exciting opportunity for all businesses – not just those in the tech industry. Digital agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs of can use readable domain names to build their brand. 


Here’s a video from Google’s new campaign highlighting the power of a keyworded domain name for a small business:



Premium domains with new domain extensions deliver an instant brand impression, and you can use them to convey key messages to your audience. For print advertising (e.g. business cards, billboards, flyers) branded domain names are especially effective.


If your business has been struggling to find a domain name that hasn’t already been taken (or is “on sale” for hundreds or thousands of dollars) — a new TLD premium domain is a smart solution that gives you access to a new market share.

Rank for the most valuable keywords

Premium domains aren’t just about your branding. Domain names with high-volume industry keywords that read left to right also send a strong signal to search engines. 


If you’re unsure about the SEO performance of premium domains compared with legacy domains, rest assured that they can deliver the same (if not better) results in search queries. These domains often include search keywords that enable “evergreen” high rankings which means more organic traffic for your website and less allocation of ad dollars to search prominence.


Google’s Webmaster Central Blog states the question and answer:

Q: How will new gTLDs affect search? Is Google changing the search algorithm to favor these TLDs? How important are they really in search?

A: Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org). Keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search.

[Read more on Google webmaster central blog]


Premium domains with exact match keywords can increase brand awareness and drive new traffic to your site. Used strategically, this can result in a substantial increase of organic traffic to your business without the steep costs of paid search ads.


Owning a premium domain means you can become more agile with your naming structures by:


– Using phrases and keywords that are commonly searched for by customers;

– Creating a domain name that contains highly sought after keywords that advertisers are competing for; or

– Creating domain names with trending keywords, resulting in a boost in organic traffic.


If your company is using a keyword rich premium domain name, there’s a good chance of you ranking higher in search queries, staying top-of-mind as a service provider, and motivating users to click on your links.

Secure your business opportunity

The usage and demand for high-value domains is increasing as they grow in popularity. However, the premium domain inventory is finite. 


With a limited number of these domains available, the scarcity mindset is growing. Companies are snatching up the domains that are relevant to their businesses, and investors are stockpiling premium domains as a valuable addition to their portfolios.


Individuals and companies of all sizes, across all industries, are investing in premium domain names. If you’ve been thinking about getting a domain that gives your business the chance to build, market, and own a strong digital identity — the time to act is now. 


As Google’s Domains for Marketers page highlights:




Examples of innovative business domains

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of innovative companies who have chosen to invest in their branding with premium domain names.


Award winning creative agency, Milli, creates an impact not only with its beautiful and memorable website, but with a short and punchy premium domain that’s not easily forgotten. 


A .agency domain shows your potential clients that you can deliver brand messages across every touchpoint. It sends a clear message that you understand how to build a strong brand and can do the same for them.




Doze is a highly creative design and motion graphics company that uses their domain name to reflect the premium experience they provide for their high-end corporate clients. 


A .studio domain reflects the dedication and expertise you bring to your craft as a maker.



Video production company, Thing, uses the .video domain as part of its business and communication strategy. This helps them create brand visibility in both their market and the minds of their potential customers.




If you’re a digital agency, the .digital premium domain is the perfect solution to create a smart URL for your brand. Perceptiv’s choice of domain helps them to stand out and gain recognition in the crowded online marketing space.


In summary


Your domain name is the digital foundation on which your business rests. It’s your best salesperson, your best marketer, and your leading brand advocate. When it comes to branding, securing a strategic domain name can benefit your business in multiple ways and give you a much needed edge over your competition.


Google’s new push into the space of top-level domains signifies an exciting time for businesses, and the domain industry in general. When a heavyweight company like Google decides to invest and market these domains, 


Find great new marketing domains for your business at Domains.Google


To learn more about how premium domain names can benefit your business entity, and to find a great domain name, visit Premium.Domains.


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