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Our Premium Pricing Event Pre-Sale has started! On November 5th 2019, over one million domains will have price reductions. Domain investors and entrepreneurs like you can secure these domains now at regular prices but at much lower renewal rates. 

To give you a taste of some of the premium domains available at reduced renewal prices, we’ve curated a small selection of some of the most desirable names that are available.


Click here to explore the featured premium domain directory.


Featured Premium Domains

Based on Donuts’ analytics, this selection of featured premium domains represents some of our most outstanding premium domains.

All of these domains offer an exciting business or investment opportunity. During the Premium Pricing Event, these top names will either lower in price or drop to standard domain pricing rates so you can make the most out of our extensive portfolio.


Examples include:

View more Featured Premium Domains here


Featured Keyword Domains

Not all URLs are created equal. Companies that are using highly-searched, exact match keywords in their domain names can boost their organic search rankings and find new customers without spending so much time and effort on SEO.

These keyword-rich premium domains include some of the most commonly searched terms on the web.

Examples include:

View more Featured Keyword Domains here


Featured Surname .Family Domains

Join the .family! These premium domain names feature the 100 most common family surnames in the world. 

If you’re looking for a domain that helps represent and connect you online with the people that matter the most, a .family TLD is for you.


Examples include: – 206th most common surname in the world – 184th most common surname in the world – 117th most common surname in the world – 201st most common surname in the world – 156th most common surname in the world – 159th Most Common Surname in the World

View more Featured Surname.Family Domains here


Featured .Games Domains

The video games market is expected to be worth over $138 billion U.S. dollars by 2021 — an increase of over $78.61 billion since 2017. Video games mean big business, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Our premium domains ending in .games are an exciting opportunity to stake your claim in this rapidly growing industry.


Examples include:

View more .games domains here


Featured Local .News Domains

Americans today say they prefer to get their local news online (Pew Research 2019). The .news TLD takes your journalism to the next level so you can establish your authority where your audience spends the most time. A branded domain helps you cut through the digital noise and deliver updates to your audience, hot off the press. 

Our memorable city and region .news premium domain names ensure you get your messages out to the people who need them most.


Examples include:

View more .news domains here


Featured .Studio Domains

The .studio TLD helps a wide range of professionals – from artists, to actors, to dancers, to photographers. These premium domains promote your dedication and commitment to your craft. If you’re a creative, there’s no better way to strut your stuff online.


Examples include:

View more .studio domains here


Featured SLD Domains

SLDs are often the most memorable part of your URL. These SLDs are among the most registered domains in the world

There is high demand and a dwindling inventory, which means these premium domain names won’t be around for long.


Examples include:

View more featured SLD domains here


Featured Geographic Domains

Geographic domains that read clearly from left to right make it easy for people to find exactly what they’re looking for in a specific town, city or region. If your business is targeting geo-specific customers, these TLDs can help you keep a competitive edge.

This curated list showcases some of the top premium domain names that are still available.


Examples include:

View more geographic domains here


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to register these great premium domains. Visit the Premium.Domains event page leading up to November 5th for updates regarding the Premium Pricing Event.


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