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The end of the year is a great time for reflection. As 2019 draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at some companies that were early adopters of the new gTLDs when they were first released into the market.


Industry publication recently checked in on a 2015 article covering 87 companies who made the switch to new gTLDs. These forward-thinking businesses chose to swap their more common domain extensions (e.g. .com, .net, .org) for fresh, exciting gTLDs that created more relevant, distinctive, and practical domains for their brands.

Many of the companies mentioned were using domains with Donuts extensions, so we took a look back, too.




Sierra.Finance (formerly – Sierra Finance is a company offering flexible finance options tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses. 


As was unavailable, it was necessary for the company to add some extra characters to their URL in order to promote their brand online using the .com extension. reflected the location (El Paso) of the company, but diluted the branding and didn’t read easily in text. This domain was also more difficult for customers to recall when trying to find the business online.


With the release of the .finance gTLD, Sierra was able to secure a great looking domain that matched both their industry and exact business name.




Nneyah.Cards (formerly – Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Nneyah Cards and Gifts sells handcrafted greeting cards, fresh flowers, and other gifts and party supplies.


We love their choice of the .cards gTLD, as it’s shorter and perfectly reflects their business name so people searching know exactly what they offer. 




Lusso.Bike (formerly – Lusso was founded in 1982 in Manchester, England. As a brand that specializes in cycling clothing and accessories, the .bike gTLD was the perfect choice to firmly establish their digital presence in the cycling niche. It’s also much easier to remember than their previous hyphenated domain.




Rostrum.Agency (formerly – Rostrum is an award-winning PR and content marketing agency. They specialize in working with financial services companies,

professional services firms, and technology businesses across the UK and around the world.


Their choice of a new gTLD positioned them perfectly in the creative agency space. The new domain also reads nicely from left to right, without the need for the additional PR letters that they were using in their .com domain.



Alessandri.Law (formerly – Alessandri Law is a law firm in Santiago, Chile. While the .law gTLD was a great choice for this firm, we note they have now switched to another  gTLD and are now at Allesandri.Legal. The .legal extension is a more logical gTLD in terms of keywording for their business.



Williamsport.Lawyer (formerly – The attorneys and staff at Rudinski, Orso and Lynch have a broad range of experience and expertise. They are a multi-specialty firm with knowledge and backgrounds in multiple areas of civil and criminal law. 


Based in Williamsport, PA, the choice of gTLD here is perfect for customers searching for law firms based on the geographical location. The firm’s former hyphenated domain looked quite clunky, and we feel the new domain will have served them better over time in terms of search visibility and brand recollection.




Inferno.Fitness (formerly – Inferno Fitness is one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning facilities in Surrey, providing the latest in high spec equipment. 


By choosing to switch from the more common .com domain extension, Inferno Fitness secured an exact domain match for their business, and were able to drop the “PT” at the start of their initial URL, making it easier for interested visitors and members to find them online.




Lionsgate.Academy (formerly – Lionsgate Academy is a public charter school open to students of all abilities in grades 7 through 12. It also offers a transition program for students ages 18 to 21. Lionsgate’s program is inclusively designed to address the unique learning needs of students living on the autism spectrum as well as students with other learning differences.


Lionsgate’s decision to change from .org to the .academy gTLD meant they could own an exact match domain to help increase their brand awareness and online searchability for prospective students and their families.




IPC.Education (formerly – IPC International Preschools offers a comprehensive program following the highest international standards.  Their team of experts seeks to establish an international standard that exceeds the national standards of some of the most respected education systems. 


This company’s original choice of their domain using .com was not only more than half of the SLD limit but also definitely disqualified itself from virtues of a strong domain (i.e. short and memorable). At 32 characters, the chance of customers making a typo when entering this domain name is quite high, which is frustrating for them and damaging for the business.


The fresh gTLD was a great choice for IPC. It showcases their industry, and at only three letters it made things a lot shorter and more manageable for their online audience.



Aha.Vet (formerly – Animal Health Associates has been providing veterinary services to Eugene Oregon since 1947. 


With a long URL to deal with, this company chose to abbreviate its full name and shine a spotlight on their specialty in the veterinary industry by using the .vet gTLD.




Driftaway.Coffee (formerly – Driftaway’s former .co domain name gave no clue as to the fact that this site offered a subscription coffee service. With their fresh gTLD, coffee lovers can instantly tell that this site is for them. It’s a domain name that reads nicely from left to right which helps improve brand recognition and searchability.



If you’re looking for a distinctive gTLD to elevate your brand and online search visibility, check out our searchable index of available domains at Premium.Domains.



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